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05 December 2014

Real Roots Cafe (Netherlands) Review: The Other Side (Translated)

Drew Nelson, The Other Side
Johanna Stayed / November 7, 2014
Drew Nelson, The Other SideIt must be a strange feeling that there are other people and even fellow musicians walk around with exactly the same name … This is the Canadian bluesman Drew Nelson! Growing up in Ottawa, he was equal to the right place – because that’s blues-town number one for Canada. Drew has been nearly forty years in the music and mainly built a reputation as slide guitarist. From 1980, he played several years in the Back Alley John Revue, where Sue Foley appeared – as a sixteen year old singer. Later he worked much with Dutch Mason, who also recorded some songs from him. His own Drew Nelson Band was the opening act or even guidance for numerous big names: BB King, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Eric Burdon and Taj Mahal example.

‘The Other Side’ Drew Nelson’s sixth album and start to see the beautiful from there, with photos by Derek R. Audette, a versatile artist from Ottawa. Steve Marriner (leader of the trio MonkeyJunkShop) is the producer, co-writer of three songs, and multi-instrumentalist in the band. At the main dish blues (inspired by the Chicago and Delta style) there are also many side dishes from rock & roll, country, reggae and jazz to hear and that makes it nice and varied. Drew’s voice is not heavy and deep, as with many blues singers, but gritty and seem one bit like John Hiatt – quite pleasant to listen to. The real star is, of course, that delightful slide-guitar …

The album is dedicated to Drew’s father, who last year passed and the red thread through the texts through therefore “life, love and death ‘, where everything comes together in the closing title track” The Other Side, “a subdued folk ballad with cello . There is a lesser known song by Bob Dylan on keyboards chosen as swinging opener “Seven Days” and later is Leonard Cohen’s “Bird On The Wire” features a new look, with a surprise plaintive pedal steel! “Please Come Home” is an older song, Drew wrote together with his deceased friend in 2006. Back Alley John, the harmonica is now expertly played by Steve Marriner. Who saxophone in “Did You Ever” I would indeed like to hear more often …
So much for the ‘other’ Drew Nelson! If anyone know a namesake of mine – you let me know about it? I’m really curious … (Independent)


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The Other Side - Drew Nelson
Seven Days // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  1. Seven Days // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  2. Make it Right // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  3. Stick Around // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  4. One More Chance // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  5. Bird On The Wire // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  6. Valentine // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  7. Drifting Away // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  8. Please Come Home // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  9. Did You Ever? // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  10. Get It! // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  11. The Other Side // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
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