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04 December 2014

Rootstime (Netherlands) Review: The Other Side (Translation)

Drew Nelson has over thirty years by a Canadian blues influenced band leader, guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer. His performances are infused with slide guitar riffs and lots of humor. With his hoarse voice he gives to the audience every time the feeling that they have to do with a friend. As a teenager, Nelson had a great passion for the country blues of the Mississippi Delta and the electric blues sound from Chicago, played by greats like Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Little Walter and others. Nelson follows teenage music lessons slide guitar and jazz. When he was sixteen he performs professionally at all. In 1980 he, together with harmonica player John Back Alley a band, with which they were touring Canada. “The Drew Nelson Band” was founded in 1989 and graduated in 1991 with the song “Nothin ‘To Show” a Juno Award. The band toured and was also in the studio with the Canadian blues pioneer Dutch Mason. The album “You Can not Have Everything” (1992) was nominated for a Juno Award. Nelson’s music was also used as soundtrack of films and TV productions such as “DaVinci’s Inquest ‘series. Nelson and his band opened for and stood on stage with blues headliners as BB King, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others.

“The Other Side” Drew Nelson’s first new album after a musical “hibernation” of about eight years. It is a collection of pure roots songs that expose the soul. All songs written or co-written by Nelson and released along with some carefully chosen covers. With multi-instrumentalist / producer / co-writer Steve Marriner (“MonkeyJunkShop”) Nelson pulled in Ontario in the studio. The recordings were done after the death of Nelson’s father: “I was a child, or at a loss and still getting messages from Steve. I thought, ‘What would my dad want me to do? ” He would want me to move forward. So I started writing a few songs, digging up some old ones and Steve and I got together and wrote a few … ”

Album tracks: 1”Seven Days” – 2”Make It Right” – 3”Stick Around” – 4”Bird On The Wire” – 5”One More Chance” – 6”Valentine” – 7”Drifting Away” – 8”Please Come Home” – 9”Did You Ever?” – 10”Get It!” – 11”The Other Side” – All songs written by D. Nelson / S. Marriner / F. Harris / J. Wilson / S. Amey , except (1-Bob Dylan, 4- Leonard Cohen)

The album features two covers. The somewhat strange opener is Bob Dylan’s first “Seven Days” , one of the first songs that Nelson ever learned to sing and Leonard Cohen’s four “Bird On A Wire” that Nelson dedicates to his deceased friend Larry “The Bird” Moothan, who also Marriner’s harmonica was an instructor. In the title track, and valve 11 “The Other Side” Nelson asks just wondering, what will change when someone (he refers here to his father) leaves to ‘the other side … “Hearts are broken in 6 “Valentine” , 5 “One More Chance” and the bluesy 8 “Please Come Home” (with Marriner as harmonica player); an older song that Nelson in the 80s wrote with Back Alley John [born John Carl David Wilson, 1955-2006], a deceased bluesman, songwriter and harmonica player from Ottawa. The songs sound gloomy, but also cathartic and ultimately mi calming. However, there is also some sun and reggae with 3 “Stick Around” , including a positive message:. “I’m gonna stick around a little longer” 10! “Get It” is a rocking blues track that was written during the shooting and which was recorded in one take.

After eight years Drew Nelson there with a new studio album “The Other Side”. This must be a new start for him, because the wear was good at it when he stopped by extensive touring and after hundreds of shows: “I grew tired of the constant travel, but after a while I Began to miss doing the things I love and am good at … “(dixit Nelson). And the result is: an album with eleven blues / roots songs about heartbreak, redemption and love. All songs prove Nelson’s “mastership” of the guitar. His beautiful, moving and often touching lyrics and gruff voice, giving you the feeling that he can be the main character in the stories. “The Other Side” is “Drew Nelson’s triumphant return to the music scene!”

Eric Schuurmans

Drew Nelson: guitar, vocals
Matt Sobb: drums, percussion
Steve Marriner: bass, baritone guitar, harmonica, backing vocals, keyboards, vibraphone… & more
John Steele: pedal steel (4,7)
Steve Trecarten: sax (9)
Kelly Sloan: backing vocals (3)
“The Marrinaires” backing vocals

Other releases on which Drew Nelson has appeared on Stony Plains Records:

1989 : “The Drew Nelson Band” (Independent)
1991 : “Saturday Night Blues” – Various Artists
1992 : “You Can’t Have Everything” – Dutch Mason a “Drew Nelson Band”
1996 : “20 Years Of Stony Plain” – Dutch Mason & “Drew Nelson Band”
1997 : “Absolute Blues Volume 2” – Dutch Mason & “Drew Nelson Band”
2001 : “Stony Plain 25 Years” – Dutch Mason & “Drew Nelson Band”
Drew Nelson:
1990 : “The Honeymoon’s Over” by “Drew Nelson Band”
1994 : “Mr. Nelson’s Neighbourhood” by Drew Nelson
2001 : “Just Because” by Drew Nelson
2006 : “30 Odd Years” by Drew Nelson
2014 : ”The Other Side” by Drew Nelson – Produced by Steve Marriner


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The Other Side - Drew Nelson
Seven Days // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  1. Seven Days // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  2. Make it Right // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  3. Stick Around // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  4. One More Chance // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  5. Bird On The Wire // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  6. Valentine // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  7. Drifting Away // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  8. Please Come Home // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  9. Did You Ever? // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  10. Get It! // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  11. The Other Side // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
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