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04 December 2014

SoundGuardian (Croatia) Review: The Other Side (Translation)

To begin with it is essential to point out that this is the first studio album Drew Nelson after eight years of study silence. And of course, eleven tracks will evoke all those musical interests and aspirations to them carries this veteran Canadian blues ‘n’ roots scene. Drew Nelson now reaches for the services provided excellent producer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Marriner from the band Monkey Junk. Drew here specifically captures tested compositions, which known for its strength and quality far exceeds some narrow frames. Steve Marriner (bass, baritone guitar, harmonica, backing vocals, keyboards and everything else you need) so the Signal Path studio in Ontario Almonteu supported Sobbe Matt (drums and percussion) and visiting musicians John Steele (pedal steel guitar), Steve Trecartena (saxophone), Ken Kanwishera (forehead) and Kelly Sloan (backing vocals) with Nelson recorded the album in which the many fans of modern music – not just blues – something for them and, of course, enjoy your favorites.
There is no doubt that it was Steve Marriner played a key role in stimulating and reviving the career of Nelson Drew, who likewise wished gigs in any form. Drew was a bit tired of the constant travel and concentrated on studio work. After the loss of family, Drew realized that just wanted his late father, to go further, no lamentation, no depression. Because, after all, life goes on, and death is just an inevitable part of the cycle of existence. Under the influence of rn ‘b-la and Chicago blues, Nelson began his career already 16 years old, and this influence has not stopped and that’s why these 11 tracks are talking in a way all of these key life moments of his career, during which he shared the stage with artists such as BB King, Bo Diddleyja, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and, of course, with many others. Since 1989, when it formed The Drew Nelson Band, all got a new and better dimension. Specifically, he finally won over the audience and critics across the country. And I Drew Nelson became widely known for his slide guitar, vocals resolute and well run pjesmama.Tako and “The Other Side”, in each song can be heard all the mastery of his guitar, completely certain texts, curt, even robust vocals, Nelson which shows that he is in every song the center of the story. And the story of Nelson opens with Dylan’s “Seven Days”, leans on it playful “Make It Right”, followed by Cohen, “Bird on a Wire”, which even makes the key moment of the album. Blues get in “One More Chance”, then the “Please, Come Home”, while the topic “Get it!” feels this ode to the past r N’R’s (it was created and recorded in the studio and as such is and remains on the album). At the end of the album expected us home, quiet folk ballad “The Other Side”, which is actually an expression of honor Nelson’s late father, in which the artist considers what aktulno always a matter of life and death and all that between and around these issues.
After all, this album definitely marks the return of Drew Nelson on the music scene with the album and it will its content be Canadian Roots n ‘blues classic.
If you want to spend a pleasant forty minutes, see and reach for the album “The Other Side” Drew Nelson – I believe that you will not go wrong!


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The Other Side - Drew Nelson
Seven Days // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  1. Seven Days // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  2. Make it Right // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  3. Stick Around // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  4. One More Chance // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  5. Bird On The Wire // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  6. Valentine // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  7. Drifting Away // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  8. Please Come Home // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  9. Did You Ever? // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  10. Get It! // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
  11. The Other Side // Drew Nelson - The Other Side
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